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Our Skating Coaches

Palm Beach Ice Works is home to world-renowned coaches


We can proudly state that all of our coaches are certified yearly, through the professional skaters association united figure asking. Learn to Skate USA, they have all passed a compressive background screening & all have safe sport accreditation.

Because we hold ourselves to these high standards we have been awarded yearly the prestigious ranking of National Rink of Excellence (Excellence on Ice)


Our most outstanding accolade came this past year, we were honored to receive the 2019 Fritz Dietl Award for Ice Arena Excellence.

Learn to Skate USA comprehensive recognizes and honors the lifetime  dedication of Fritz Dietl to the Ice Skating Industry & his determination to encourage innovation and excellence in facility management operations & Programming.

Martine de la Torre

Martine de la Torre - Skating Director

Martine has over 40 years of coaching experience in Freestyle,  Figures, Moves in the  Field, Choreography, Basic Skills, and Special Needs programs. She has coached all ages from Beginner Basic skills levels to Intermediate levels. 

She has continuously maintained her status with the Professional Skaters Association, United Figure Skating, Learn to skate the USA, Special Olympics, as well as adhering to all background checks and safe sport guidelines. 

Martine has a degree in Nutrition and has been able to use it to counsel and help many skaters throughout her career. 

For the past six years Martine has proudly taken the roll of Skating Director at Palm Beach Ice works dedicating her time to growing an amazing program and working with Outstanding world and Olympic coaches. 

Evgeny Platov

2 Time Olympic Champion

1994, 1998

4 Time World Champion

1994-1997 In Ice Dancing. 

18 years of experience coaching and choreographing high-level skaters like Olympic and World Champion Shizuka Arakawa.

Daiske Takahashi, Sasha Cohen, Johny Weir, Brian Jouber. British Teams Bronze Medalists of European Championships Sinéad and John Kerr, Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland and many others. PSA member. Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education of Sports. Best known for working on skating skills and polishing programs to perfection. 

Ken Congemi

Ken Congemi has been coaching competitive figure skating for over 40 years and during this time he has worked with World and Olympic athletes from all over the World. The list is extensive and includes elite skaters such as Evan Lysacek, Mirai Nagasu, Jennifer Kirk, Denis Ten, and Bebe Liang. He has coached three US Junior Men’s Champions and is highly regarded for his exceptional jumping and spinning technique as well as his motivational abilities. 

Congemi is Master rated in free skating and holds a PSA level VII ranking. He is the former Director of skating for the Walt Disney Company and the NY Islanders and worked alongside World-renowned coach Frank Carroll for 15 years. Congemi has conducted seminars throughout the United States and the World and was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Professional Skaters’ Worldwide conference.  He was also featured with his student Bebe Liang in TLC‘s TV miniseries, Ice Diaries.

Erik Larson

Erik is a USFS Triple Gold Medalist & was on the U.S. International Team for 10 years. He is an Olympic Festival and World Junior Champion, & has a Grand Prix gold medal. Erik is a 4 time U.S. National Medalist. While training with

Olympic coach Carlo Fassi at The Broadmoor World Arena Erik invented The Larson Spin. When he turned professional he joined Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades Cinderella On Ice. After performing for thousands of people all over the world.

Jimmy Osmond was instrumental in hiring Erik as a principal performer for The Osmond Family Theater. The main headliners were Donny and Marie Osmond and the Brothers. Erik was the Director Of Skating at The Sunrise Skating Center, his duties were to manage and cultivate the learn to skate program and oversee the figure skating department. Erik team coached with his wife Rosie and primarily worked on jump technique with their skaters at all levels. It was 2004-2020 The

Larson’s taught at The Palm Beach Skate Zone for the last 16 years. Also in that time frame Erik opened a synthetic ice skating company named after their daughter, BellaICE Skating Events.

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire, inform, and encourage every skater he teaches. With those aspects he hopes that the skaters fall in love with the sport. He teaches all levels, primarily works on jump technique, and specializing in the pole harness and Moves In The Field. Both Erik and Rosie are very proud & excited to be apart of Palm Beach Ice Works!

Mr. ERIK LARSON   Pole Harness/Moves In The Field/Precision Skate Sharpening

Cell: 954.445.3749 | Email:

Web: | Email: Web:

Rosie Larson

Rosie started skating at the age of 6. She competed for over 15 years
and is a Regional & Seconal Champion & the 1990 U.S. National Pair
alternate at the junior level. When Rosie turned pro at 21 she joined Ice Capade’s performing for thousands of people all over the world.

Jimmy Osmond was instrumental in hiring Rosie as a principal performer for The Osmond Family theater. The main headliners were Donny and Marie Osmond and the Brothers. Rosie stated “That was the highlight of my professional skating career” In 2000 The Larson’s decided to settle in beautiful south Florida and teach skating at The Sunrise Skating Center, then moving on to The Palm Beach Skate Zone. Erik & Rosie have a beautiful daughter Anabelle, she is a 2 time U.S. National Dance Solo Champion.

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire, inform, and encourage every skater she teaches. With those aspects she hopes that her skaters fall in love with the sport. Rosie teaches all levels, Choreographing competitive skaters & getting them ready to compete at their highest performance level. Both Rosie and her husband Erik are very proud & excited to be apart of Palm Beach Ice Works!

ROSIE LARSON Freestyle/Choreography/Spins/Off-Ice Training
Cell: 561.503.0526 | Email:

Frank DAgostino

USFSA. United States Figure Skating Association. Gold medalist Freestyle Skating. (Highest test level attainable). Experienced in learn to skate, advanced figure skating, jumps, spins choreography, and power hockey. 

• 1990 Challenge Cup Competitor. The US Open Professional Figure Skating Championships.

• 1993 Challenge Cup Competitor. The US Open Professional Figure Skating ​​Championships.

• 1995 Challenge Cup Competitor. The US Open Professional Figure Skating ​​Championships.

• Member PSA. The Professional Skaters Guild of America.

• Twenty plus years’ experience in coaching group and private figure skating.

Learn to skate and power hockey.

• Experience in ice show skating, throughout U. S.

• Coach to North Atlantic and Eastern and National competitors.​​​​

Ice Show, reality TV, and Theater producer: 1995- Present.

Producer of “Ice champion, the musical” 2007-2019.

Productions of “Ice Champion” included an 8-week equity sold-out run at the Gateway Playhouse in Long Island. In addition, the show has been performed at the Bryant Park Ice rink in New York City, Central Park, New York City, and numbers were performed at The Nassau Coliseum. Future performance Seoul Opera house Seoul Korea and Las Vegas, Kravitz Center Palm Beach FL 2020.

Martha Edmonds

Martha Edmonds has been teaching skating in South Florida for over 20 years and at Palm Beach Ice Works since its opening.

Originally from Toronto where she skated competitively and in many shows in Canada.

Martha was an elementary school teacher in Ontario, Canada, and then owned many retail and service businesses with her husband.
She loves teaching all ages, from 3  to 73, and she shares her joy of skating with every student.

Martha specializes in Moves-in-the-Field from Preliminary through Senior, Ice Dances from Preliminary through Gold as well as Freestyle from beginners through axel jump. 

She is a Certified member of PSA, Safe Sport, and a current UFSA member.

Elena Gonzalez

Elena has been involved in the skating world for over 15 years. She started her skating journey at 5 years old. Elena moved to Lake Placid, New York to train at the Olympic Training Center with world-renowned Olympic coaches; Including Gilberto Viadana, Don Laws, Alexei Mishin, Evelyn Muller-Kramer, Christy Krall, Scott Brown and more.

Elena is a national gold medalist, five-time regional medalist, Sunshine State Champion, and two-time Empire State Champion. She has been featured in many TV and skating shows, including Univision Sports, Telemundo Spots, Skating for a Smile, and Saturday Night Skate Live.

Elena has been coaching for over 5 years. She specializes in Choreography, Spins, Freestyle (IJS and 6.0), and Moves in the Field. Elena is a U.S Figure Skating Gold medalist in Moves in the field, PSA member, and U.S Figure Skating member.

Donna Oates

Donna has over 25 years of professional teaching experience in the United States, Japan, and Canada. She is a member of US Figure Skating, Skate Canada, and the Professional Skaters Association. Donna is a three-time gold medalist in Freestyle, Figures,  Pairs, and a Silver medalist in dance.   She competed at the National and international levels under the instruction of Gustave Lussi, John Nicks, Maude White, and Ron Ludington. 

Donna believes each skater must start with a strong foundation and enjoys working with students to build their confidence. She has taken her students from beginner to national and international and Olympic competitors. From 2007-2016 was a spin consultant for Team Japan. Donna has coached numerous students to their Senior Freestyle and MIF tests.  

She also has a background in power skating having worked with hockey players at the prep, collegiate and NHL level since 2003. Donna teaches MIF, Freestyle, and Power Skating.
Each individual should have high dreams and set up goals to achieve them! 

Christa Goulakos

A native Montrealer, Christa Goulakos started her career as a freestyle skater. She excelled in competing on a regional level and accomplished her gold (in Canada) and Senior (in the USA) test. She gained a lot of success in Ice Dancing and Moves in the Field. By the age of 15, she had achieved all her tests Gold and Senior in moves in the field, Ice Dancing, and Freestyle.

At 16, Christa began competitive ice dancing where she was the first ice dancer to represent Greece at a world level. She competed internationally for over 4 years and also competed in the World Championships.

Prior to teaching in Florida, Ms. Goulakos taught all levels of figure skating and hockey power skating in her native Montreal. She then moved to NYC where she taught at the world-famous Wollman (Trump) Rink in Central Park, Manhattan. She enjoys working with all levels and ages. She has knowledge in learn to skate, moves in the field, choreography, power skating, ice dancing, freestyle, and off ice.

She is also fluent in French. 

Debbie Starkman

Debbie  Specializes in Moves in the Field and has coached over 20 + skaters to achieve Senior Moves.
She is a U. S. Figure Skating IJS Technical Specialist
-Coach of Regional, Sectional and National skaters
- Coach of International skater to the Junior Grand Prix Series
- Off ice and video analysis
- Coaching recreational, beginner hockey and competitive figure skating

Temirlan "Tima" Yerzhanov

Starting at the age of eight, Temirlan Yerzhanov is a decorated figure skater and has been a dedicated coach since 2016. Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, he trained as a successful single skater before coming to the US and transferring to ice dance where he went on to compete nationally and internationally, competing twice at the Junior World Championships and Junior Grand Prix.

During the 2019-2020 season, he continued on with his current partner, Maxine Weatherby, to become the Kazakhstan National Champions, compete in the 2020 Four Continents, and scheduled to compete at the 2020 World Championships which was canceled due to the COVID-19.

Tima has garnered experience from world-class coaches such as Evgeni Platov, John Kerr, Otar Jarparidze, and Zhanna Palagina. In addition to being USFSA and SafeSport certified, Tima specializes in ice dancing, skating skills, freestyle, moves in the field, and off ice.

With his strong work ethic, he is determined to instill proper technique to his students so they can strive to be their best.

Maxine Weatherby

Starting at the age of three, Maxine Weatherby is a national and international competitor and has been coaching since 2017. Maxine was a single skater for nine years before transferring to pairs for four years where she medaled in two sectional events and competed at the USA National Championships. In 2018, she transferred to ice dance where she, along with her current partner, Temirlan Yerzhanov, became the National Kazakhstan Champions, competed at the 2020 Four Continents, and scheduled to compete at the 2020 World Championships which was cancelled due to the COVID-19. She has studied under the tutelage of world-class coaches such as Tom Zakrajsek, Christy Krall, Laura Pizzelanti, Vadim Naumov, Evgenia Shishkova, John Kerr, and Evegeni Platov. In addition to being USFSA and SafeSport certified, Maxine specializes in ice dancing, pair skating, skating skills, choreography, jumps, freestyle, and moves in the field. Through her passion and positivity, her goal is to inspire strength in her students so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Gabrielle Hine

Member of Professional Skaters Association (PSA), Member of USFSA & Safe Sport Certified, Basic Accreditation

She has earned Gold Moves in the Field and her Silver freestyle as an adult

Gabrielle has a passion for skating and it shows-she enjoys teaching all ages, tots, teens, and adults

2016 Adult National Competitor

2019 Adult World Championships Competitor (placed 6th)

Bilingual French

Certified Educator State of Florida (French and Art)

coaching figure skating in Palm Beach County for 8 years; she has coached many skaters in the Basic Skills competitions in South Florida

Gabrielle ‘s coaching philosophy-she believes skaters rise to expectations.  She utilizes positive reinforcement when coaching.  She shares her passion and enthusiasm for the sport of skating while transmitting life-long lessons that skaters may utilize for current and future endeavors.

Tracey Potter

  • 23 Years coaching experience
  • Level III
  • PSA Certified
  • Free Skate Coach
  • IJS Choreography
  • Freestyle
  • Moves in the Field
  • Power Skating
  • Off Ice Conditioning